Blueprints for economic growth.


Charlie Tardibuono



Business and technology development to contribute to the economic development of local economies.


Charlie has more than 35 years of senior and executive leadership experience in global IT, programming, systems architecture, engineering in flight simulation and other areas of technology; as well as extensive experience in business development, establishing and managing non-profit organizations, and advanced software architecture and development. Charlie has worked for and with McDonnell Douglas, various aerospace companies, the US Army, Wells Fargo, Best Western Hotels, Food for the Hungry, and many more.

Charlie has extensive experience in the following areas

  • C-Level Management – Senior leadership in CTO and CIO positions, leading development of IT services; development of fully integrated business operations and business systems development; strategic and operational planning for domestic and international organizations, for both for-profit and non-profit businesses
  • Organizational Re-engineering — Re-engineer domestic and international operating units to achieve greater effectiveness & efficiency and profitability
    • Technology Infrastructure Development – Develop software engineering department infrastructure and establish development methodologies
    • Organizational Business Intelligence Development
    • Corporate inter-departmental operations development – Process based communication and operations improvement initiatives
  • Aerospace Project Engineer – Lead engineer in flight simulation.
  • Contract and Grants Development and Recipient – Written large military Requests for Proposal as well as recipient of major military and health services contracts and grants.
  • Technical Architect – Software Systems architect in banking, hospitality, aerospace, and non-profit organizations
  • Patent Holder – Advanced technology for vision screening in video game format

Selected Historical Experience:

  • Project (Lead) Engineer in aviation flight simulation for various aircraft:
    • Light Helicopter – Experimental (McDonnell Helicopter)
    • Apache Helicopter ‘B’ and ‘D’ (McDonnell Helicopter, US and UK)
    • A10 Thunderbolt (Warthog – US Airforce)
    • Joint Strike Fight (F35 – US Airforce)
    • C17 Loadmaster (US Airforce)
    • Lead technologist for US Army PEO-Aviation Flight Simulation
  • Patent Holder and Business Owner – Patent ( US Patent: US6808267 ) holder and business owner developing video game to screen vision in children.
  • Software Systems Architect for various companies:
    • Wells Fargo Bank
    • Best Western Hotels
    • Semiconductor Companies
    • Non-profit Companies
  • C-Level Management for international non-profit and for-profit organizations focusing on corporate business development and technical management.
    • Established global changes overall corporate business operations improving effectiveness & efficiencies. Defined principles for corporations to achieve a “Model of Accountability” in all aspects of business operations
    • Partnership development with political and government leadership
  • Wrote major Requests for Proposal for US Army to include Aviation Tactical Operations Center – Blackhawk, and other aviation programs
  • Wrote proposal and received contract award for health care services from Federal government and the Arizona Department of Health Services
  • Programmer and Analyst developed advanced software systems and applications to include:
    • R&D Projects for aviation “Big Picture” (display in Smithsonian Air & Space museum)
    • Command & Control simulation for simulation management of complex battlefield war-games
    • Apache Longbow millimeter wave radar simulation
    • Micro-electronics, semiconductor visualization
    • Vision screening video game (in partnership with Carnegie-Mellon University)
    • Business Systems and Web-based business applications